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Expobar Monroc

Traditional coffee machine from Expobar, this is availabe as a 1 group machine.

This machine is ideal as an entry level machine, for new barista's & businesses.

Traditional Coffee Machines Expobar
Melitta XT6

This machine comes with an 8.4" touch screen, adaptive lighting and the option to be fully customisable which means that it can fit in any envrionment and fufill any purpose.


Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Melitta
Melitta CT8

The CT8 with its 10.4" touch screen display, compact design & Melitta's reputation for quality and reliability make this an exceptional machine.

It has an innovative milk frothing system & a variable pressure delivery system.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Melitta
Macco MX 3

The Macco MX3 is an ideal entry level bean to cup machine, which is capable of producing 150-200 cups a day.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Macco
Macco MX 4

The Macco MX4 is a fantastic machine for self service enviroments with its 5.7" touch screen, built in loudspeaker & its built in motion sensor.


Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Macco
Macco Armonia Soft Plus

The Armonia soft plus is the most technologically advanced machine by Macco, this machine is Android compatible & you can upload movies, music & customised images to be played for each single drink.

Bean to Cup Coffee Machines Macco