Red Spot Catering

Melitta CT8

The CT8 with its 10.4" touch screen display, compact design & Melitta's reputation for quality and reliability make this an exceptional machine.

It has an innovative milk frothing system & a variable pressure delivery system.


This machine is in its element in high volume environments, with its touch screen system you can have an unlimited amount of drinks programmed ready to go.

It has a unique cold milk frothing system & also a push button cleaning system so shutting down is quick and easy.


  • Automatic coffee quality system - variable coarseness, quantity, pressure, brewing time & water temperature
  • 10.4" programmable touch screen
  • Variable pressure system for each individual drink allowing for the best coffee quality
  • Innovative cold milk frothing system



  • 350mm x 649mm x 775mm



  • Cup warmer
  • Milk Cooler
  • Coin Checker
  • Coin Changer