Red Spot Catering

Macco MX 4


The Macco MX4 is a fantastic machine for self service enviroments with its 5.7" touch screen, built in loudspeaker & its built in motion sensor.

The MX4 can play music & advertisments from its loudspeaker, display adverts on its touch screen & also wakes up and is ready to dispense when it detects anyone moving by with its motion sensor technology.


  • 5.7" LCD display with options to change drinks & backgrounds
  • Advertisments can also be added onto the LCD screen
  • Intergrated Loudspeaker so music & advertisments can be played
  • Self service intergration possible
  • Barista steam wand
  • Patented energy saving technology



  • - 324mm x 560mm x 717mm



  • Water tank
  • frescolatte
  • milk cooler
  • cup warmer