Red Spot Catering

La Spaziale S5 EK

Traditional coffee machine from La Spaziale, this is available as a 1, 2, 3 & 4 group machine.

This is for the more advanced baristas, aimed at mid level experience. This again is perfect for a high demand environment where fine quality is still very much important. A workhorse but with stylish good looks & up to date technology.




The La Spaziale S5 EK, is very much still a workhorse like the S2, but this model boasts having 2 lever operated steam valves & LED temperature displays.

It is also one of the more colourful & personal coffee machines availabe as coloured side panels are available upon request making it fit in with your surroundings.

This machine also benefits with La Spaziale's patented steam heat exchangers which means that its always ready to go.



  • Electronic coffee machine with automatic dose setting
  • Electronic boiler refill
  • Electric heating system
  • Double pressure gauge for boiler and water pump pressure control
  • 1 hot water outlet & 2 steam wands
  • Electronic boiler temperature regulation
  • Boiler temperature indicated by LED display
  • Automatic operating temperature boost function
  • Control of malfunction alarms
  • Built in volumetric pump
  • 1 group - 5 litre boiler capacity 
  • 2 group - 10 litre boiler capacity 
  • 3 group - 15 litre boiler capacity
  • 4 group - 20 litre boiler capacity 


  • 1 group - 450mm x 520mm x 530mm
  • 2 group - 770mm x 520mm x 530mm
  • 3 group - 1000mm x 520mm x 530mm
  • 4 group - 1235mm x 520mm x 530mm



  • Automatic system for milk emulsion with adjustable temperature
  • Preset hot water delivery for infusions
  • Individual temperature control for each delivery group
  • Service scheduled control system & water softener cartridge control
  • Electric cup warmer system 
  • Gas heating system available
  • Taller cup guard