Red Spot Catering

Expobar Zircon


Traditional coffee machine from Expobar, this is availabe as a 2 group machine.

This machine is the workhorse of the Expobar range, with its easy to use touch keypad & its user friendly design.


This machine can also come as a 'takeaway' version, allowing takeaway cups to be used.


  • Built in volumetric motor pump equipped with two retention valves & a solid particle filter
  • Copper boiler with heat exchanger per group & a pressure relief valve
  • Boiler drain tap
  • Group heads have pre-infusion chambers
  • 2 steam wands
  • 1 hot water tap
  • Auto filling for the boiler
  • Automatic back flushing of the group heads



2 group - 690mm x 580mm x 530mm 



  • Electric warming cup tray
  • Decorative cup holding dome