Red Spot Catering

Expobar Rossetta


Traditional coffee machine from Expobar, this is available as a 2 & 3 group machine.

This all new machine from Expobar brings great looks & refinement with the reliabilty of Expobar.

This machine is ideal for front of house, where its stylish design & ease of use really begin to shine.


The Expobar rosetta is suitable for all enviroments, whether as a front of house show piece or as a high volume machine. It is available as standard or as 'takeaway', this is the same machine but has a higher gap between the group heads for takeaway cups.



  • Built in volumetric pump complete with two retention valves & solid particle filter
  • Copper boiler with heat exchanger per group & pressure relief valve
  • Boiler drain tap
  • Group head with direct pre-infusion chamber
  • Two steam arms which are heat insulated
  • Auto-fill boiler
  • 4 different programmable coffee doses per group
  • One electric programmable hot water tap 
  • Heating element low water level boiler cut off
  • Water pressure gauge
  • Paintwork with special treatment
  • LCD display



2 group - 680mm x 590mm x 550mm



  • Available in takeaway design - so takeaway cups will fit under the groups
  • Cappuccinatore
  • Skimming pipe
  • Capule system
  • Electrical hot-cups
  • Machine Leg set