Red Spot Catering

Expobar Carat

Traditional coffee machine from Expobar, this is available as a 2 group machine.

This is one of the most stylish machines from Expobar, but it's also one of the envionmentally friendly with its adaptive eco mode.


The Expobar Carat adaptive eco mode works by the machine reading when its high use times are throughout the day & then shutting itself down on standby when its not being used in this periods to reduce energy costs.


This machine also comes with features such as lever operated steam valves as well as an automatic milk frother (turbo steamer).



  • Automatic expresso coffee machine with 2 group heads
  • Automatic boiler water filling
  • Turbo steamer - steams milk at a push of a button
  • 1 hot water outlet
  • 2 steam wands
  • 11.5 litre boiler capacity
  • Automatic energy saving functions



2 group - 620mm x 774mm x 563mm



  • Electric cup warming tray