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  Name Description Category Manufacturer
Maestrowave MSF8 Single Fryer

The MSF8 is a fantastic medium duty fryer with its 6 litre oil capacity & large basket.

Fryers Maestrowave
Lincat LDF Single Fryer

The Lincat LDF fryer is compact yet powerful delivering consistent results each & every time whilst saving worktop space.

Fryers Lincat
Lincat DF33 Commercial Single Fryer

The Lincat DF33 fryer is the ideal solution for any high demand catering establishement such as hotels, restaurants, cafes and much more.


Fryers Lincat
Maestrowave MDF88 Twin Fryer

The MDF88 is a medium duty double fryer with 12 litre capacity in total. This is aimed at the higher demanded businesses.



Fryers Maestrowave
Lincat DF66 Twin Fryer

The Lincat DF66 boasts its large 18 litre frying capacity & its specifically designed to hold and produce a variety of fried foods.



Fryers Lincat